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Welcome to our special blog about Saladin or Salahuddin al-Ayyubi , The Muslim Warrior that liberated Palestine & Syria from the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Please bookmark this site for your future reference.

Salahuddin al-Ayyubi (c. 1138 - March 4, 1193), better known in the Western world as Saladin, was a Kurdish[2][3] Muslim who became the Sultan of Egypt and Syria. He led Islamic opposition to the Franks and other European Crusaders in the Levant. At the height of his power, he ruled over Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Hejaz, and Yemen.

He led the Muslims against the Crusaders and eventually recaptured Palestine from the Kingdom of Jerusalem after his victory in the Battle of Hattin. As such, he is a notable figure in Kurdish, Arab, Persian, Turkish and Muslim culture.

Saladin was a strict practitioner of Sunni Islam. His chivalrous behavior was noted by Christian chroniclers, especially in the accounts of the siege of Kerak in Moab, and despite being the nemesis of the Crusaders he won the respect of many of them, including Richard the Lionheart; rather than becoming a hated figure in Europe, he became a celebrated example of the principles of chivalry, a rare distinction for a non-Christian.

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